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Dragon*Con 2009 - Over WAY too soon...
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Okay, so in that other post, I was just too freakin' excited to type about anything else about Dragon*Con because I was still hyperventaling. XD; Here's a rundown of how the weekend went. On Friday, my dad and I left at about 6 in the morning from where I live and arrived in Atlanta, Georgia (technically Marietta). We checked into our hotel, got everything settled and then headed out to the con. It was about two in the afternoon by the time we found parking and got to where we were supposed to go. It took about a hour or so to get our badges and to finally be able to explore the con.

Holy freaking SHIT. I have not ever seen so many different things to buy at one place in my life. There were a total of three Dealer Rooms and some of the stuff in there was amazing and things I know I'll never see anywhere else but at a convention. I know I spent way too much money but I couldn't help it. I needed more Code Geass things in my life. likethreenewwallscrolls So we walked around for a while and then we started going to panels. My dad went to some Star Trek related panels while I tried to figure out where the anime rooms were. I took a crapload of cosplay pictures (I also have never seen so many cosplayers in my life either) and made it to a panel room. The entry below explains what happened in that panel. XD Moving onto Saturday~

Saturday was an early day. I headed out with my dad and we arrived at Dragon*Con at about 9:30 or so. The panel I was heading to (Vic's personal panel, of course) wasn't until 11:30 so my dad and I decided we'd go to the Walk of Fame early to get some autographs and pictures. We waited in line for about fourty five minutes before they let us in and we went around in a circle. I was disappointed not to see Vic there but I did spy Alessandro Juliani. I started to get excited and waited patiently in line. When it was finally my turn, I shook his hand and told him it was an honor to meet him. He signed my DVD and my friend's DVD slip cover (which was not cheap, by the way. by that, i mean his autograph oO) and I left. I also got to meet Richard Epcar in person. He was really nice to talk to and I got his autograph as well. I sort of stumbled around while my dad met more people from his childhood. Eventually I was just standing in the only place there wasn't anyone and that was next to Vic's booth. A girl was sitting there looking around and smiled at me. I smiled back and was almost about to leave when I heard a happy, "Hello!" from behind me. Again, two feet away from me was Vic Mignogna. My heart jumped into my throat and I said hello back. I had him sign my DNAngel box, my sleeve from my Ouran boxset with Tamaki on it and a picture of Kougaiji (from Saiyuki) for my friend. I took yet another picture with him (taken by my dad who finally understood how much meeting this one person meant to me) and thanked him. The girl behind him stood up and looked at me and questioned, "Are you a Ranger?" I knew immediately she meant a member of the Risembool Rangers and I said, "Yes." Vic looked at me and hugged me again, proclaiming that made me more awesome. XD; So I left his booth all the more happy again. My dad was glowing with me about meeting some others and we headed off to our separate panels again. The line for Vic's panel was loooong but I still got a decent seat. While in line, I met a girl named Jana. We talked for a minute but got separated when the line started to go into the room. I sat next to a staff person and we chatted until Vic came in. The panel was so awesome and Vic talked about a lot of things, more than just anime though. He talked about how hard it is for some people to accept anime in its form (especially in Christian homes for anime such as Fullmetal Alchemist) and told us a heartbreaking story about how his church stopped him from preaching the word because he voiced an agnostic/atheist character. He actually started crying right there and I felt so horrible for him. It was completely unfair how far the church took his job into consideration. On a lighter note, we began to talk about his original creation, a fan film known as Fullmetal Fantasy. I had heard about this little film a long time ago and had always wanted to see it. I kept my little promise to Vic and didn't record it, but man was it epic. Greatest fan made film ever. XD

After the panel was over, Jana came back over and we started to talk. She wanted to go to the Walk of Fame to get Vic's autograph (since he said he was heading there) and I told her I'd help her get there. We headed out all the way back through two hotels (Dragon*Con really likes to space things out ;xx) and we waited for Vic to show up. The line got extremely long and they made us move to a completely new place and took us in groups to see him. When it was finally our turn, Jana and I met Vic (again, for the both of us) and we bought some of his CD (which he signed for us!) and took more pictures. We left and headed back out into the craziness of the con. After walking around and buying some more stuff in the Dealer Rooms, we headed out to get some food. After eating, we went to the Cosplay Contest (epic cosplays are EPIC!) and I sucked I didn’t have such a great seat. My pictures didn’t turn out so hot. But it was pretty cool. After that, we decided to just walk around and finally made it to a dealer room that had what she wanted for her sister. (A Hello Kitty plushie!) Sadly, we had to part but luckily, I got her email, so I hope we keep in touch. :) That night, I went to the FUNimation Video Panel where they showed the English dubs of the Evangelion movie (You are (not) alone) and Sgt. Frog. The latter was hilarious and totally worth it. The first was like the anime series just reanimated and shorter. D:

Sunday wasn’t as big but me and my dad each had things we wanted to do separately so we started with his panel for Kate Mulgrew (Captain Kathryn Janeway on Star Trek: Voyager). I had watched some of Voyager and she was a great speaker. After that panel, I went to meet up with my friend, Alyssa who had invited me in the first place. She was in a video room watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. After it was over, we headed to the Otaku Jeopardy which wasn’t really jeopardy as much as it was pointless fun. When that was finished, I said goodbye to Alyssa and her sister and headed to find my dad.

The ride home was long (but I slept most of it) and it was probably the greatest weekend I’ve ever had. I hope to go to another big convention next year because, even while tiring, it’s a great experience. :)

OH MY FREAKIN' GOSH!!!!!!~~~~~
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My dream has come true. I have waited almost five years for this day and it's finally happened:

OH YESSSSSS~ I finally go to meet Vic! I was so excited! It was funny too, how this happened. I was at a Voice Acting Panel with Richard Epcar (voice of Batou from Ghost in the Shell), Bob Bergen (current voice of Porky Pig), Scott Houle (ADR Director), Charles Fleischer (Roger in Who Framed Roger Rabbit), Neil Kaplan (miscellaneous Power Rangers), and of course Vic. So, they're taking questions and I wanted to ask Vic about his upcoming role in Soul Eater. But my nerves took hold and I told him how I had come to Dragon*Con just to meet him. He kinda looked at me funny like the others did and I said that I wasn't one of those rabid fangirls who would tackle him. Everyone laughed and he stood up, putting his fists on his waist like a super hero and he says, "You think you can tackle me?" And he pointed to the floor in front of the stage and went down there. I gave my camera to someone and got to hug him. XDDDDD It was hilarious! However, the girl taking the picture didn't realize the camera was on record film not picture but I still got that above. <3333 I was so nervous! I don't even look like myself! XD

Hopefully meeting Alessandro Juliani tomorrow will be just as memorable!

College. :D
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College is actually turning out alright this year. I have four classes (I attend a community college) and they are Statistics, International Film Studies, Modern Social Problems and American Government. My Statistic teacher is pretty funny - she's a nice older lady. My International Film Studies teacher is EPICALLY awesome because she's a fan about every movie possible and she likes anime. She's going to watch the Death Note live action movie and use it for our Japanese movie choice. xD; My teacher for Modern Socs is the same teacher I have for Socs 101, so he's great. We mostly talk all class so I'm not that worried about. My American Government teacher is hilarious and jokes with us all the time. He's a baseball fan and talks straight to us during class. It's awesome.

Overall, college is going to be good this semester. ^^

OMFG, a week and four days until Dragon*Con! :D I'm so freakin' excited.

Dragon*Con...HERE I COME! >D
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So, my dad calls me into the living room a couple of days ago and he says, "So, about this convention...I've decided to go with you."


I think I spazzed out like a fangirl so much that I had to explain to my parents what a fangirl squeal is. xD By my father deciding he'll go, it's official that we will be heading out to Dragon*Con in two weeks! :D I'm sooooooo excited now. I'm already packing everything and my body is shaking every time I think about meeting Vic Mignogna and Alessandro Juliani. x3 They are two of my favorite voice actors and it'll just be so epically awesome!

In other news, college sucks and so does math. xP

Okay, so maybe not. ; _ ;
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So, my parents are totally paranoid about my old friend and her family taking me to Dragon*Con so I might not even be able to go. It's totally ridiculous and GRRR. I am going to go to this convention, whether they like it or not. :< And then my dad starts to gripe at me, "You drive me crazy with all of these conventions." DAMMIT. I've only been to two! TWO and he's already freaking out. Not to mention the conventions don't even concern him. OMG?!Con is handled by myself. I paid for the hotel and drove down there by myself. E'Ville Con is a hop, skip, jump away and he's even freaking out about that one. - _________________ - It's times like this I wish I lived by myself.

However, in other news, my job is only getting more epic. I ran the store by myself for 21/2 hours. <3 It was so much fun. Tomorrow, I close by myself, so it should be exciting! ^___^

Conventions...the maybes and the for sures...
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Anime conventions are the one thing in each year that I can actually geek with people who understand almost every single word out of my mouth if I make an anime reference in a non anime conversation. It's also the one place that I can discuss manga that I thought were complete unknowns just because the people in my town are so oblivious to awesome. D:

Anyway, I think I'm going to be attending one more con this year and the two yearly ones next year.

Dragon*Con 2009 is on Labor Day Weekend in Atlanta, Georgia and I'm so freakin' excited. I recently reunited with a friend of mine from elementary school and we've been chatting it up for the last couple of months. Randomly one day when I went to the hospital to visit her mom (she works there), both of them invited me to Dragon*Con with them. Even though I make more than the average worker, I knew I couldn't afford both the hotel and the ticket into the con (it's $100 oO; ). I mentioned this to her mom later and she said (and I quote), "Oh, don't worry about that, honey. We've already gotten the hotel paid for and we've taken one of Joanna's (my friend's sister) friends before. It'll be no problem to take you." I almost fainted. XD I'm still trying to get things settled with my parents (they don't want me to go 'alone' without one of them >>)  but hopefully I'll be going! I can't wait. Both Vic Mignogna and Alessandro Juliani are going to be there - two of my favorite anime voice actors. *squeals* I really want to go...

The two other conventions that have already happened this year and definitely will be attending next year is OMG?!Con 2010 and E'Ville Con 2010. OMG?!Con takes place in Paducah, Kentucky and next year will be it's fifth year. I'm excited and hope that more guests will come this year, though Greg Ayres, Chris Ayres, Robert Aldrich, Bob and Emily DeJesus are EPICALLY AWESOME, I just think that OMG needs to get more guests to help expand the awesomeness.

E'Ville Con is in Evansville, Indiana and next year will be it's 2nd year. I'm really excited for this convention too because I'll be showing off my first ever selfmade cosplay of Temari from Naruto. I like this con a lot because not only is it fresh and new, it's a lot closer to where I live. :]

...on a random note, i delivered a $140 order to a prison house for women. i think if I hadn't had food, I think they might've killed me. o_O;

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So I have one of these LJ's. Not sure who will read this or why they would but meh, I digress. Here's to a lot more posting about random crap!
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