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mimori's daily rants

...from work, stress, video games, writing...

Mimori Kiryu
20 May 1990
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Well hello there. My name's Mimori. *wave* I'm your average 19 year old girl with just a little changes. I'm completely obsessed with anime/manga and have been for a long time. I also play a lot of video games (almost anything now that I have a 360) and I like to write fanfiction and original fiction. I also love to listen to music, though mostly in Japanese, other than the occasional listen to Linkin Park, The Fray or Blue October.

I'm a sophmore at the local Community College. My job is not all that awesome, but I am a Shift Manager at Wendy's. Hey, it pays for my hobbies and my car - that's all I really need a job for, at the moment. ^^;

Nice to meet ya, if you're reading this and I don't know you. Comment and help me about yourself! See ya'll around~