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College. :D
Code, Geass

College is actually turning out alright this year. I have four classes (I attend a community college) and they are Statistics, International Film Studies, Modern Social Problems and American Government. My Statistic teacher is pretty funny - she's a nice older lady. My International Film Studies teacher is EPICALLY awesome because she's a fan about every movie possible and she likes anime. She's going to watch the Death Note live action movie and use it for our Japanese movie choice. xD; My teacher for Modern Socs is the same teacher I have for Socs 101, so he's great. We mostly talk all class so I'm not that worried about. My American Government teacher is hilarious and jokes with us all the time. He's a baseball fan and talks straight to us during class. It's awesome.

Overall, college is going to be good this semester. ^^

OMFG, a week and four days until Dragon*Con! :D I'm so freakin' excited.


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